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Monet's Trellis

Inspiration from a Master
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I visited Monet’s garden during my artist residency in France. There I heard gardeners talking about which plants he had in his garden. But I didn’t hear anyone talking about Monet 's colors. Why they are so special?

At Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, I felt the warmth radiating from Monet 's colors. I watched and listened. People came and went through the exhibition hall. What were they thinking?

I overheard one conversation in which the women were trying to find the water lilies!

And yet . . . the entire room was filled with Monet 's water lilies!

Dorothy's Studio by the Pond Monet Garden
Dorothy's Studio by the Pond

My Studio by the Pond

A gardener at heart, I dream of my garden looking like Monet ’s Giverny. My studio IS located on a pond. And I DO have a big sunroom studio overlooking it. But the garden falls more than a tad short of Monet 's garden!

Coming home I wondered if people felt the warmth radiating from Monet 's colors? Did they understand his palette? Did they realize ~ entire exhibition hall is a healing art installation? I wondered.

It’s time to talk about it. There is so much trauma, so much fear in the world. It’s time for the arts to step up and show people how colors can heal PTSD and trauma ~ and so much more.

A Monet Pond of My Own copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan
A Lily Pond of My Own

Joy's Garden a Healing Arts Garden

I invite you to participate in 2018-2019 events.

See what's possible when you follow your heart.

I have held back for decades! Afraid.

I don't even remember what I was afraid of now.

Perhaps I thought I had to be ONE thing~

An artist who paints landscape oil paintings?

But what about the designer who sews abstract floral fiber art?
Or the gardener who finds wisdom for day to day life in her garden?
Or the traveler who journals dreams that come true?

When I finally found Faith, I discovered she is everything.

It's okay to be ALL of you. 

Plant Your Joy and Bloom!

monet garden healing arts monet garden healing arts monet garden healing arts

Start Blooming


The stunning red flower we’ve come to associate with the holidays – Amaryllis ~ began as a shy, timid nymph.

She fell deeply in love with a shepherd of Hercules’ strength and Apollo’s beauty, but her affections were unrequited. Hoping she could win him over by bestowing upon him the thing he desired most –  she sought advice from the oracle of Delphi.

Plant Joy!


Plant joy and bloom at my studio by the pond.

On December 1st visitors will receive my Ruby Slippers. Not sold anywhere, these special slippers can hang on the wall near your desk, in your kitchen, or in your spa. Small enough to fit in a shoe box, yet powerful enough to grant wishes.

And while you're here ~ shop 'til your heart's content. See my Meandering Garden Path Jacket with All Her Glory pocket and hand-knitted Bird’s Nest Scarf. Select your favorite hand-painted Hydrangea and Lilac scarves in chiffon or silk. Or a stunning Winter Solstice silk kimono jacket with Eggplant velvet dress.

Reserve tickets $10

Design a Monet Garden


Design your garden like an artist!

In January I'm designing a master plan for my Monet garden. See my color combinations and discuss how colors from paintings to translate into plantings.

Create a garden that looks like a painting. Map out a section of your own garden. Which plants? Inspiration from Monet's garden will give you plenty to drool over in the seed catalogs!

Receive a Winter Garden Ruby Slipper with your garden map.

Reserve tickets $50

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monet garden healing arts monet garden healing arts monet garden healing arts