Embrace the Mountain

Activate the power of your inner Creator with Dorothy Fagan's Self-Guided Artist Journey. Guide book & Journal set, illustrated artist guide for women who love color. Discover 6 colors to jump start inspiration & creative flow.

Joy's Garden Self Guided Artist Journey

Embrace the Mountain
CreativSOUP Journal

The mountain you are working around is there for a reason.

It holds the secrets and access to your divine Creativity!

Activate the power of your inner Creator!!!

Dorothy Fagan artist

"I knew it was time for something new. But I didn't have a clue as to what it might be or how to find it. I'd been through the mud. The loss of my mother from cancer, my divorce, the attack on my life ~ it was all too much to process. My mountain felt insurmountable.

"And yet there was something. Something deep inside me, an inkling was prodding me to search for something new.

"But how on earth could I see beyond the mountain of issues that my life had become?"

Oh My Colors!!!

Shifting Your Palette

My colors were muddy too. I owned every color, watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels. Which ones would I take on my artist journey of a lifetime? Discovering the six colors within my mountain ~  led me to Joy's Garden ~ being the artist I was meant to be!

I have created this book and journal set so that you can follow along and discover your own inspiration. The book shows you what I did, what I painted, and why I went to France in the first place ~ it's not what you think!!!

The CreativSOUP Journal is your personal artist journey. As you read mine, inspirations will pop up and you will be able to write them in the journal. As you do ~ others will cascade along with them! You'll capture them all in your CreativSOUP!

Whether you paint or not, my heart-warming stories of painting in France will lift your spirits. Look over my shoulder as I paint in watercolor, oil, and mixed media. See how cascading dreams come to life in paintings. Open the door to Joy's Garden ~ activate the colorful inspirations within you!

Create your self guided creative journey with Guide book and journal
Create your self guided creative journey with Guide book and journal
Fully illustrated with Dorothy's paintings
Fully illustrated with Dorothy's paintings
See how Dorothy used photos and dreams to discover her path forward.
See how Dorothy used photos and dreams to discover her path forward.

One step at a time

Dreams, paintings, quirky things jotted in your journal

the pace of things picks up

soon the woman you were born to be emerges

right there in front of you on the pages of your journal

nothing left to do but take her by the hand!

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Meet Dorothy Fagan

Dorothy Fagan artist
Dorothy Fagan

After an attacker threatened her life, she lost her ability to paint the abstract landscapes that won her international recognition. In search of a new reality, she began painting en plein air. Her incredible journey home took her to France, where she discovered the spectral colors within. Picking up a twig of willow charcoal, unleashed her energetic calligraphy, paralyzed in the assault.

In her first book, Embrace the Mountain, she reclaims her vibrant palette and energetic brush strokes, along with her new-found voice as a writer. Her heart-warming stories of painting in France, will lift your spirits and engage you in discovering the Creator within your own inner landscape.

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