Are You Ready to Jump Start Your Artistic Journey?

Here's my story of how I stepped back into my creativity. I invite you to join me on this journey and deepen your own creativity.

When the mountain blocked my vision life became so dark ~ I stopped painting. Yet the flame would not be extinguished. I would feel it as a yearning, an inexplicable urge to touch color, to pick up my brush again, to sing out loud.

When I held the brush in my hand I could no longer paint! My strokes were awkward, colors muddy. I would have to start again. This time I knew what it felt like to have a burning urge to create under the weight of a mountain. Mountains are not meant to be moved.

Walk with me and I will share the paintings and stories that helped me to embrace the mountain and discover the Divine Feminine power of Creativity hidden beneath it.


Create Your Artist Journey. The thirty watercolor postcards I painted in France enabled me to see the Light ~ and the divine purpose of my artistry!

On a whim I packed watercolors and a pack of postcard-sized paper. I hadn't used a transparent medium since college! With oils or pastels an artist starts with the dark shapes, then paints light shapes with opaque paint. This lets the shadows show through from below. With transparent watercolors the process is reversed. As the artist slowly blocks in the light colors from the start ~ the Light glows up from within. This is the uplifting feeling you sense in my paintings.


Learn how I found my colors. In the book, you'll see my studio and how I sorted through colors to select the special palette I would take on my artist journey.

Create your self guided creative journey with Guide book and journal
Create your self guided creative journey with Guide book and journal

Create Your Own Artist Journey in France with Dorothy Fagan's Guide Book, Journal, and Creativity Book Set

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Be Inspired by Dorothy's Artist Journey Paintings

Garden of Dreams

"A 16th Century manor house in a olive grove between Avignon and St. Remy transported me into the heart of Van Gogh's landscape."

Discover the art Dorothy created, surrounded by blooming hollyhocks in the garden at Mas d'Ariveux. Learn how she used her paintbrush as a hideaway where a soul could forget ~ or remember herself ~ in a heart beat.

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden