Italian Designers

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Italian Design

Travelling in Italy, I had the pleasure of meeting people from all arenas of Italian design life. From our host who manages a handbag factory to an artist who hand crafts leather shoes in a quiet studio. Today I begin with designer windows in Florence. I'll be back with some of the others in weeks to come.

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Fresh Market Series

Florence, Italy

Dorothy Fagan

What struck me with this photo was the juxtaposition of the dog walking woman in tennis shoes with the polished, high fashion window or Dior. No, I didn't stand there all day waiting for the shot.

It just happened.

A wonderful moment captured.

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Electric Color

As always color captures my attention. The linear grid inside the window glowed electric blue. The photo does not do it justice. However, stepping back from the moment I see far more now.

Reflections of the old stone building across the street in the slick Gucci sign entice interpretations all their own. Paired with the color coordinated portal, the vertical grid in the window seems almost inconsequential.

But what about the giant bee with the pocket book?

There's symbolism in there for sure!

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Pink against green. Contemporary modern against worn and old.

Diagonal stripes seem to be the 'subject.' They are repeated in the strappy shoes. And even in the slender fingers contrasting with the dark green background.

Are the cheek inks juxtaposed with the frilly lapel blossom?


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Marella II

unintended statements

Focused on reflections superimposed over the window displays, I didn't recognize the trash bag which found its way into the photo as color coordinated!

I do like the small sliver of peach stucco in the upper left. It offers a great relief from all the dark green and black. Next to the lavender cascade of blossoms ~ the composition works.

artist eye, Dorothy Fagan
Dorothy Fagan

Dorothy Fagan

Dorothy Fagan paints colorful landscapes and abstract floral oil paintings. Painting in Virginia for 40 years, Fagan is now inspired by travelling abroad. Artist residencies in France and Italy, inspire her to reach beyond landscapes to explore people and architecture. These new explorations add new structures, seen in linear details and fresh abstract approach to painting.

Enchanted Mountain, oil on canvas
Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden