The Watershed

Colorful Art by Dorothy Fagan

Living in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed for forty years, I'd become blind to the inspiration in my own backyard. Until . . .

Dear friends,

I had a watershed moment this month. All at once inspiration came flooding in, clearing my mind and heart ~ leaving me with the realization and purpose of my life’s work. Standing between my studio and the pond, I caught myself dreaming of my pond looking like Monet’s pond. Remembering how I'd felt, standing in front of his murals at l’Orangerie in Paris. Excitement and energy filled the crowded room as people buzzed with inspiration. Two women, one pushing the other in a wheel chair, asking where the water lilies were!

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Tour inspiration Monet mural
800,000 each year visit Monet's mural.

Healing Art ~ A Larger Vision Inspired by Monet

And then I felt it flooding in. I saw my painting, the three by five foot mural Chesapeake Flyway, my vision of what the first immigrants to America saw and felt as they sailed into the largest estuary in the New World.

How must they have felt being welcomed to their new home by a pristine Chesapeake Bay, with all its rivers, streams, marshlands, and forests?

I blinked and saw the women again, experiencing their own watershed moments, excited. All at once abandoning fears and division, they engaged in healing, painting, empowered by the beauty of the landscape surrounding them.

Reading of Monet's wish to offer comfort to bruised soldiers coming home from World War I, I too find myself wishing to offer healing from the traumas of terrorism and fear that grips us everyday.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Tour
Chesapeake Flyway, oil, 36" x 60"


Coming here in 2000, I’d given up my paint brushes. The attack on my life, my mother’s cancer, and my attempt to be a perfect mother to my three sons in an impossible situation ~ left me devoid of inspiration, suffering from PTSD and deeply depressed. Being here on this estuary, inspiration trickled in.

Slowly at first, each day I painted on the marsh lands between earth and sky. Matching my colors to the spectrum ~ I became the flow ~ the connection between heaven and earth.

Fusion: How to Heal with Art

The act of painting enables us to stand firmly with our feet in the sand and touch the heavens with our hearts.

Painting plein air with colors that match the chakras, helped me to realign and balance my own ecosystem. As I became increasingly aware of this connection, I was able to paint with the purpose of speeding my healing process.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed

The analogies between how the Chesapeake Bay Watershed functions, and how we function as creative humans are plentiful. Yet many residents of the six-state watershed region live unaware of the existence of this watershed that dominates our home.

A Watershed Tour including painting exhibition, gallery talk, color and poetry workshops and round table discussions where people can engage in their own watershed moments would empower residents of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and the District of Columbia to see themselves in conjunction with earth, sky, water resources.

Your support is critical in the success of The Watershed. I invite you to join the flow and experience your own watershed moments.

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Chesapeake Bay Watershed  Chesapeake Bay Watershed  Chesapeake Bay Watershed

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