Be Inspired by Abstract Expressionist Francis Glenat [VIDEO]

Francis Glenat

Swimming in Paint

This Abstract Expressionist, contemporary French painter scrapes, coaxes, and channels emotions into larger-than-life color.

The power of emotion is Glenat's inspiration. Channeling color from deep within his soul, he mesmerizes us with lush texture and color.

Born in Paris in 1950, Glenat is the first in my series on Expressionist Painting. I am fascinated with how other artists use emotion in their paintings. As I watch singers channel emotion into their music, and reflect on my own use of emotion in painting ~ I wish to explore more.

Can we harness the power of our emotions? E-motion. It seems that when we put the energy of our feelings into motion with the vibration of sound or color ~ potential energy held deep inside us rises. With it we are uplifted. Music and paintings that flow from it heal us all.

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