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Artists' Visions Uplift the Spirit of Americans

In today's online world, artists have a tremendous advantage over all other content creators. We have the power of emotion and stunning images to touch hearts and minds.

We can have an uplifting impact on the spirit of Americans.

This ground-breaking artist collaborative will  include 50 artist interviews, and 50 unique ways of seeing the world through artist's eyes. Weekly publication on Joy's Garden Salon, each article will include 5-6 photographs, 1 photo of the artist, and 1 painting photo, plus a link to the artist's website.

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Portal I

"In my Portals Series, I have selected this one in particular ~ because it represents the light at the end of the tunnel ~ and the beginning of something new."   

~ Dorothy Fagan, Founder & Publisher Joy's Garden Salon


something new

It is my hope to create modern day structures
that support artists and art lovers in empowering ways.

I have chosen my portal photographs to begin this project ~ because the project itself is a portal for all of us.

If the opportunity of empowering ways of collaborating appeals to you,

I urge you to learn more about this project and participate.

To subscribe, fill in your information.

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Portals II

If you are a painter . . .

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3.  Get Published

Portals IV is a small door. It's locked. Only you can unlock it.

It's small because it's low risk.

Yet it is so unusual that curiosity begs to be rewarded.

artist submissions
Portals IV

It's Your Portal

On the inside you'll get interviewed. 

Your interview questions will be delivered in 4 emails ~

along with ideas for selecting your photographs

and the link to submit your images.

The application fee is $20.

This ground-breaking artist collaborative Artists' Eye Blog will  include 50 artist interviews, with 50 ways of seeing the world through artist's eyes. 
Portals V
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Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon

Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon

Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon