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Inspiration for a Limited Edition of Hand Painted Clutch Bags

By Dorothy Fagan | May 20, 2019
I sold my first clutch purse over the weekend ~ just a few days after I listed it on etsy!... Read More

DIY Artist Journey

By Dorothy Fagan | May 18, 2019
SELF GUIDED ARTIST JOURNEY Embrace the Mountain "I knew it was time for something new. But I didn't have a... Read More

Watercolor Inspiration Fusion Painting

By Dorothy Fagan | May 17, 2019
Mixed Media Fusion Painting The technique I developed during my residency in France is expanding. Fusion painting with watercolor, pastels,... Read More
Ruby Slipper Vest by Elise Marinos

7 DIY Patterns for Home Decor & Wearable Art with my Ruby Slipper Fabric ~ See them all

By Dorothy Fagan | May 15, 2019
Ruby Slipper Fabric DIY or Ready to Wear! I am so thrilled to see what one talented woman created with... Read More
water lilies paintings, Dorothy Fagan Collection Floating Lilies series

Floating Lilies Create 7 Garden Rooms of Peace & Tranquility

By Dorothy Fagan | May 13, 2019
Floating Lilies Collection Floating Lilies Create 7 Garden Rooms of Peace & Tranquility Water Lilies have much to teach us... Read More
painting challenge

Painting Challenge >Inhale Fresh Air

By Dorothy Fagan | Apr 23, 2019
The colors are within you! We think that artists have to be inspired by the world out there. Actually, successful... Read More
colorful still life painting by dorothy fagan copyright 2019

Impatiens’ Impatience! Abundance Blooming

By Dorothy Fagan | Apr 8, 2019
Abundance Blooming Abundance Blooming With bloom and seed springing simultaneously, impatiens signify spontaneity! This is me to be sure!!! I... Read More

Inviting Coastal Style Art to Energize & Soothe [8 Photos]

By Dorothy Fagan | Apr 5, 2019
Energize and Soothe with 8 Inviting Coastal Style Paintings Afternoon Delight Dorothy Fagan Collection presents 8 fresh coastal paintings Whether... Read More
Guler, Contemporary Expressionist

Mehmet Güler Paints Abstract Expressive Canvases [Video]

By Dorothy Fagan | Mar 28, 2019
Read More
Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden