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uplifting art

Weekly Uplifting Art ~ Meet Me at the Edge of Dreams

By Dorothy Fagan | Sep 15, 2019
An offering this beautiful Sunday morning. A moment of peace and inspiration. Meet Me at the Edge of Dreams. Sometimes... Read More

Beautiful Floral Paintings Inspire Home Decor

By Dorothy Fagan | Sep 4, 2019
Are you the one-of-a-kind orchid sheep in your family? I am! For years I thought of myself as the black... Read More

What Inspires an Artist?

By Dorothy Fagan | Sep 2, 2019
How Does an Artist Find Inspiration? You'll be surprised to discover what inspires this artist! Go behind the scenes inside... Read More

Life After Death Experience Artist Talks About Paintings

By Dorothy Fagan | Aug 23, 2019
Dorothy Fagan with her father, Jack Fagan Two inspirational talks about life after death will be presented Sept. 6 &... Read More

Meet Me at the Water’s Edge

By Dorothy Fagan | Aug 9, 2019
Artist Paints Life After Death Story in Her Paintings A World War II vet injured in the Battle of the... Read More

Symbolism of Hosta, like Lilies, Inspires Pure Spirit

By Dorothy Fagan | Jul 27, 2019
THE WILDFLOWER PROJECT Meaning of Hosta The meaning and symbolism of flowers has always fascinated me. Discovering yet another layer... Read More

Wildflowers Inspire Us to Follow Our Dreams ~ A Trip to the Farm

By Dorothy Fagan | Jul 26, 2019
I visited the farm last weekend where my son and his family are building their dream home. A peaceful spread... Read More
Orchid Watercolor Painting

Orchid Watercolor Painting How to Mix Media with Watercolor

By Dorothy Fagan | Jul 19, 2019
MIXED MEDIA PAINTING Orchid Watercolor Painting Inspiration began with a wonderful handmade watercolor paper with four deckle edges. The paper... Read More
Amalfi Coast Painting

Amalfi Coast Watercolor Painting

By Dorothy Fagan | Jun 19, 2019
I began with the feeling of the beautiful aqua green blue sea. A big loaded brush stroke of sparkling green... Read More
Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden