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Sorrento Watercolors

Dorothy’s Sketchbook Sorrento Watercolors [Part 1]

By Dorothy Fagan | Mar 5, 2019
Solving my fears of travelling alone opened a portal to many gifts unseen. It seems we are quick to focus... Read More

A Pioneer of Modern Indian Art ~ You Should Know Amrita Sher-Gil!

By Jean Faith | Mar 4, 2019
Her sensitive paintings portray the lives of women, in a style similar to Gauguin. Amrita Sher-Gil Self Portrait   Amrita... Read More
canoe artist residency

Canoe Creative Residency

By Dorothy Fagan | Mar 3, 2019
An immersive, outdoor, floating artist residency and exhibition. Structured as an expedition, the residency will take place from a 30-foot... Read More
inviting color,

10 Beautiful Inviting Color Ideas | Art Spring 2019

By Dorothy Fagan | Feb 28, 2019
See inviting color examples in the gallery. Inviting Color Ideas Balance Warm & Cool Colors for an Inviting Dining Room... Read More
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VIDEO Emotional Painting Clouds, Sunsets & the Scream

By Dorothy Fagan | Feb 25, 2019
Painting Emotional Colors Did painting emotional colors help Edvard Munch heal from mental illness? The Scream is such an iconic... Read More
Dorothy Fagan pastel copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved, pastels

Emotional Pastel Colors from Pure Earth Pigments

By Dorothy Fagan | Feb 21, 2019
Something not too many people know about me. . . Pastels were my primary medium for 25 years. Painting with... Read More
Spring Colors 2019

Spring Colors 2019

By Dorothy Fagan | Feb 20, 2019
White Lady Lilac Splendor Flange Pillow Spring Colors 2019 Lilac Splendor In the same palette, I hand painted a light... Read More
watercolor sketchbook

Peek in my Watercolor Sketchbook

By Dorothy Fagan | Feb 19, 2019
Poggio Olives, watercolor Castle of Dreams, watercolor Olives of the Hill, watercolor Read More
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7 Skies to WOW! you Inner Color Genie [Photos] Inspiration for Color Lovers

By Dorothy Fagan | Feb 18, 2019
7 Skies to Wow Your Inner Color Genie [Photos] All you have to do is look up! The sky's the... Read More
Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden