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What You Don’t Know About Dream Interpretation Blocks Your Creativity

By Dorothy Fagan | Jan 24, 2019
Dream Interpretation Opens a Window to Creativity 5 Dream Symbols Show How to Interpret Art & Life. Unblock your creativity... Read More
Tuscan cooking Lesson, Dorothy Fagan copyright 2019

The Only Thing You Need to Know about Tuscan Cooking

By Dorothy Fagan | Jan 23, 2019
I learned a lot about Tuscan cooking. Living in Tuscany for two months in 2015, and another two in 2017... Read More
art decor design, Italian Watercolors by Dorothy Fagan

Italian Watercolors Exhibition

By Dorothy Fagan | Jan 21, 2019
Intimate Corners of the City Italian Watercolors Capture Intimate Italian Lifestyles Peek into Dorothy Fagan's watercolor sketchbooks and see Italy... Read More

Experience the Watershed

By Dorothy Fagan | Jan 15, 2019
Experience a Watershed Moment Test Your Creativity Inspiration & Imagination At a moment in time when so many Americans have lost... Read More
ruby slipper project

Ruby Slipper Project

By Dorothy Fagan | Jan 10, 2019
#metoo, now I wear a ruby slipper pocket to remind me I am home safe, balanced, secure. My heart's desire... Read More
meaning of clouds

Meaning of Clouds in Dreams & Paintings

By Dorothy Fagan | Jan 6, 2019
What is the symbolic meaning of clouds? There is far more significance than discovering a horse, fish, or unicorn hidden... Read More
Colorful Art by Dorothy Fagan

The Watershed

By Dorothy Fagan | Nov 23, 2018
Living in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed for forty years, I'd become blind to the inspiration in my own backyard. Until .... Read More
designer fabric dog beds

Designer Fabric Dog Beds & Pillows

By Dorothy Fagan | Oct 17, 2018
For the Best Dog Lovers Ever Designer Fabric Dog Beds? Yes! How about dog crate covers in designer fabrics? Absolutely!... Read More
best coastal paintings

4 Best Coastal Paintings Canvas Art Prints Home Decor

By Dorothy Fagan | Oct 16, 2018
ART Coastal Home My best coastal paintings are energizing yet peaceful. Whether painting a beach, sunset, or seascape, I seek... Read More
Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden