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Embrace the Mountain

People ask for my colors. Or want to know how I create, or find inspiration. This book gives you answers and a whole lot more. In it you will not only find the list of colors on my palette, but also how similar my struggles are to yours. 

The mountain you are working around is there for a reason. In this book, I show you mine and how I use my mountain to create. 

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Embrace the Mountain Journal Book Set

A complete guide to your creative journey

Honoring the Creator in the creative process is the single most difficult aspect for most of us. Yet it is the single most important part!!!

As you read the stories of my artist journey in France, inspirations will pop to mind. A companion journal containing all the paintings with blank pages, gives you the perfect place to jot them down. 

However insignificant they may seem, making them tangible opens your flow. By placing them in a special journal, you are saying to the Creator within, ‘I hear you.’ This IS a significant step in moving your creativity.

Joy's Garden journals by Dorothy Fagan
Joy’s Garden journals

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Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon

Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon

Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon