Meet Me at the Water’s Edge

Artist Paints Life After Death Story in Her Paintings

A World War II vet injured in the Battle of the Bulge, tells his love story through his daughter's paintings.

Stunning true story of love, faith, and hope.

While her father lay on his deathbed, his spirit wandered with the artist as she painted him crossing the river.

A wonderful movie on Netflix called Life Itself showed me how we pass our stories across generations and continents. >Watch the trailer.

It made me think about my dad, how getting hit in the head during the Battle of the Bulge at 19 ~ became the story of his whole life. The Army docs told him to get his affairs in order and sent him home with a metal plate in his head.

While he was doing that ~ he didn't stop living. He fell in love with Pauline, fell in love with their four children. When Pauline lost her battle with brain cancer, he fell in love again. Jack married May and fell in love with her children, her grandchildren, and his great grandchildren!!!

He was a champion for all of us. Loving life itself ~ kept this unassuming man on earth beyond what docs predicted. Humble. Practical. Forgiving. Dedicated. Watching Dad taught me much.

As he was crossing over, at 89 he sent me messages through my paintings as I painted quietly by the river here at home.

I realize now that his story IS my story, Meet Me at the Water's Edge.

With You Always

Glowing marsh paintings painted with palette knife took me for a walk with Dad. Being with him once again lifted my spirits. Amazingly ~ words came with even these most recent paintings!

I'd been trying to find time to finish the book. Then Dad stepped close again to hold my hand as I painted.

He passed away six years ago, just before I went to France. He'd championed me along in my artistry for sixty years.

When he was in the nursing home, I'd given him an art quilt with twin oak trees painted and stitched in the design to hang above his bed ~ a healing quilt. I showed him how the branches of our lives were intertwined, twin souls. Each reaching out and supporting the other as wind and rain passed seasons.

A signed and numbered limited-edition book is included with each work in the Meet Me at the Water's Edge Collection.

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Meet Me at the Water's Edge
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