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Dorothy Fagan

Creating Peace through Art

As a youngster, art was something I liked to DO. Armed with my BFA in printmaking and painting, art became my way of fighting back when an attacker threatened my life. Until one day a new acquaintance told me something I didn't know about my art.

Search for Peace

"Your paintings are your search for the peace that has been missing in your life."

Tears erupted and streamed down my cheeks. One by one, I checked off paintings in my mind's eye to verify his life-altering words.

"How could you know this?" I desperately wanted answers!

I married him four years later, and wrote a poem for our wedding in the garden at the Hermitage in Norfolk, Virginia.

Over the ensuing 25 years, I stopped DOING my art and discovered I'd BECOME my poem, Joy's Garden.

creating peace through art, Joyous Garden by Dorothy Fagan
Joyous Garden

Joy's Garden

a place to put down roots,
to build a nest,
to sow some seeds
for autumn afternoons.

a rich and fertile space
where dreams grow up
and learn to fly.

a special corner of this world
where sun shines always after rain
and winds sigh gently before dusk.

The Wildflower Project

Six colors changed my life and the pace of creativity. Aligning my palette with the chakras, aligned me with the flow. This released my muddy paintings and transported me from my cocoon to flight.

Step inside Joy's Garden and I'll guide you in aligning your colors.

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden