Best Sketching Kit for Travelling

Sketching Kit

Organize and Simplify!

Things kept falling out of my old sketching kit, and it really wasn't quite big enough. Now it's perfect to play with all my delicious new pens!


The mesh side has room for a sharpener and a small magnifying glass. Two water brushes and two "real" brushes of a nice size, cut off to travel, and one wee tiny one for the occasional serious detail fit as well.

Then there's space for 3 colored pencils and an antique folding pen, and yes, another pen, the ever-dependable fine-nib Carbon Desk Pen.

sketching kit

The problem, of course, is that it really holds TOO much--and not quite enough at the same time!

Consolidating all my travel kit in one place is lovely,'s gotten kind of fat and heavy as I keep thinking "okay, I need that...and might use that...and I always wish I had one of those...and oh, look, that fits right there...and want to try that out..."

sketching kit
sketching kit

So here's what made the cut for now...

My sketching kit has everything, plus the tiny kids' watercolor kit from Wet Paint I filled with my own choice of artist colors and a wee telescoping brush from an old Winsor & Newton kit in that small front pocket...that's the new/old blue Waterman from Pier Gustafson and my old red Eversharp from the 1950s.

sketching kit
tiny watercolor sketching kit

Tiny Watercolor Sketching Kit

This is how they come from Wet Paint and others, still with the kid colors in it at that point...and a totally useless brush!

Oh, yeah, that tiny watercolor kit?  That's what I use for all my sketches. I CAN travel's just not easy.

At 7.7 ounces this setup is not exactly super light, and full, it's about 1-1/2" deep, so not really skinny, either...but oh well!  But I'm prepared!

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