Architectural Sketching [Try This] Black & White or Color?

architectural sketching


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Architectural Sketching

As this drawing developed from a quick 5 minute sketch, into a story about engaging with my Instagram friends, I decided to add colour.

And to film it at the same time!  architectural-sketching

architectural sketching

Last Thursday I only had 5 minutes to do a quick sketch before rushing to an appointment. This is what I sketched and I was happy with it as it was.

 If I don’t have time to add colour on location, should I add it later?

My normal response is to leave it as an ink sketch, as it’s a true record of what was got done at the time. Also it’s hard to add colour accurately from a photo – both in terms of the colour itself, but also the energy of your mark making will be different.

This is why there is a high risk of ‘ruining’ a sketch when you add colour later, and why I’m a big advocate for painting on site.

Architectural Sketching in Color

Step by Step

Here are a few screen shots of my loose quick painting.


I completed it in 5 minutes and tried to match the energy of the original drawing.

architectural sketching

Do you struggle with this question?

Do you think I ruined my sketch by adding paint?

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden