Grow your Creativity

Passion is born.

Talent & creativity are cultivated.

You can nurture, feed, water, and fertilize your creativity.

You may think the gift of creativity passed you by. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I invite you to join me in a sacred garden ~ Joy's Garden Salon ~ where you can help yourself to nature's promise to bud, blossom, and bloom the Creator within you.

~ Dorothy Fagan, founder & director Joy's Garden Salon

Creative Women Grow Your Creativity

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Inspired by a vision at the Morris Arboretum University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, I felt engrossed in the sunken garden.

I could not get the magical life-size flowers swaying to and fro off my mind.

Painting them animated them, and helped me see my way to create Joy's Garden Salon.


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Radiance, Jewels , & Unfettered Desires

Your radiance, jewels, and unfettered desires
have been wintering long enough.
It is your season to bud, blossom and bloom!

A Sacred Space

This sacred space to cultivate creativity is modeled after my studio on the pond in Virginia. Friends who visit, feel uplifted as they step in the back door.

Like a cathedral, the ceiling is high. Light and uplifting energy from the Creator rushes in.

I invite you to step in my back door online.

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a sacred space to cultivate
your own creativity garden
cross-pollinate with friends


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Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon

Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon

Joy's Garden Salon | a modern day art salon