10 Beautiful Inviting Color Ideas | Art Spring 2019

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See inviting color examples in the gallery.

Inviting Color Ideas

Balance Warm & Cool Colors for an Inviting Dining Room

Style trends swing back and forth. Balance warm and cool colors to make your room feel inviting.

If you like neutral warm tones, try some artwork with opposite colors. For instance if you like the warm yellow green wall color, use a painting that is dominant lavender with blue greens. It should have some earthy colors to tie in the undertones.




Inviting Color

Each individual aura dictates how a room feels to them. You may feel more comfortable in a room with warm colors dominant.  While others feel more comfortable in cool tone rooms.

Balancing warms and cools can be done with artwork that has both warm and cool. To keep a warm toned room from becoming overwhelming, add cool tone artwork that has some of the warm tones as well.

Examples are shown in the gallery with two warm tone palettes. One with yellow green walls, the other with warmer russet top wall. Notice how you feel attracted to certain combinations, and perhaps not others.

Each of us requires different aspects of the color spectrum.

More Inviting Color Ideas

Dramatic Color

Notice how paintings like Patchwork Stairsteps and Unfettered Desires II create dramatic energetic warmth and balance. Both paintings have deep russet and orange tones in them, so the bold lavender, blues and greens are still balanced on the deep toned wall.

Tonal Color

In contrast, Dreams Awake and Winter Tulips are what artists call analogous colors. Instead of playing across the color wheel as the previous pair, these colors are all within warm ranges of colors (yellow green, or gold orange) Smaller accent colors are more muted than in the previous example.

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden