Beautiful Floral Paintings Inspire Home Decor

Are you the one-of-a-kind orchid sheep in your family?

I am!

For years I thought of myself as the black sheep.

On a whim I chose to color myself orchid instead.

Why orchid?

Because orchid bridges the top of the rainbow with the bottom. You know ~ warmer than violet, cooler than red ~ and slightly pastel!

Orchid is the secret elixir in my palette. Small doses!

It overpowers quickly, so small snippets balance and soothe while energizing. This causes radiance to bloom!!!

You can see it in my new collection!

Beautiful Floral Paintings in Jewel Tones & Pastels

beautiful floral paintings, wildflowers
Remembering You on Our Meandering Garden Path

The Greek goddess Iris uses the rainbow to guide women to heaven. Click through on each painting for more of the inspiration behind each one.

beautiful floral paintings, iris
Iris Bliss
Meandering Garden Painting Collection

Sparkling light peeks through between jewel tones and pastels in these original oils, painted on metallic copper canvas! It's impossible to capture this sparkle in a photograph. When you step from side to side in front of them, the sparkle reflects back on you like a mirror.

To help more people have this sparkle experience, I am creating hand colored Artist Proofs of each painting with the same metallic copper paint. Using archival inks on canvas, I will create a few Artist Proofs and embellish them with unique additions (think butterfly or added blossoms) with jewel tone and pastel oil paints.

No two alike, I am only able to create a few.

Orders will be accepted until Sept 30 for Thanksgiving delivery.

Use your butterflymember discount TODAY for introductory member prices (details below.)

Beautiful floral paintings, jewel colors, zinnias
Meandering Together

My mother Pauline was an advocate for wellness. If I could wind back the clock thirty years, I would show her how color works to balance and harmonize all the dissonance in life.

I'd wrap her in her favorite colors. The vibration of fear disapates when joyful spirited colors of the heart are present.

I should know. I was ALL fear after the assault. I was afraid to go to my own clothesline to bring in the twins' diapers. Balancing colors on canvas, I balanced the corresponding wavelengths in my own aura. My black palette disapted like a dark cloud. Granting me the presence of mind body spirit emotions aligned ~ to appreciate each precious moment for the gift it is!

When spectral colors of the rainbow are aligned with the chakras, one's inner Light blooms ~ as you can see in my new home decor collection of fabrics for bedding, table linens, curtains, and upholstery created from these paintings!

Beautiful Floral Paintings Inspired Duvet Covers, Shams, & Sheets

beautiful floral paintings, wildflowers duvet cover,
Meandering Garden Path Duvet Cover & Shams

Notice how jewel tones and pastels weave together. Harmony acknowledges both shouting AND whispering!

These colors would energize a cool tone room. Or soften a warm tone one.

Because the original paintings are created on earth tone canvas with metallic copper undertones ~ the whole room and everyone in it is grounded. This is important!

While we love jewel tones and pastel colors ~ staying grounded keeps us balanced and well.

Bedding & Home Decor Fabrics

Beautiful Floral Paintings Inspired Table Linens & Home Decor Fabrics

beautiful floral paintings, table runner
Provence Blue Wildflower Table Runner, Placemats, Napkins, 
Tablecloths, Wall Coverings, & Fabrics

Remember that table I showed you?

What if you could mix and match fabrics to create your own French Provence table linens???

Just like the hand painted table, you can create your own Wildflower Jewels and Pastel Linens! (I am still finishing up details on the table, and will show you in a separate email!)

Beautiful Floral Paintings Inspired Designer Jackets, Tops, Leggings & Scarves

beautiful floral paintings, designer jackets
Wildflower Jewels (left) & Meandering Garden Path Cocoon Wraps

Wishing for radiance in your cocoon?

I've ordered this one for myself! It hasn't come yet. I was hoping to show you in person on video. Alas, not today.

You can order one though! Click through on the image to see the Wildflower Pastels Cocoon as well.

Or shop tops, leggings, scarves, bags . . .

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden