Recipe for Blooming ~ Balance, Energy & Stamina


Today’s recipe is Blooming!

The ingredients for this one include jewel tones, pastels ~ and a few key earth tones.

Can you see the earth tones? They’re hidden in the undertones of this painting.

Can you see the muted violets and orange ochre?

earth tone swatches

Here they are larger, and isolated so you can see them!

These colors are really important because they keep you grounded.

Without them ~ you wouldn’t be able to think, process, decide, and move forward.

You might feel overwhelmed, confused. or tired if they are missing!

grounding earth undertones

They look a little like winter colors, some might call them drab on their own.

Combine them with jewel tones and pastel colors ~ and viola!

Balance is restored and your energy levels are on an even keel once again.

Everything and everyone in the room feels balanced, rested, and energized!

. . . just like Blooming.

The whole room and everyone in it feel like blooming ~ just because the colors are balanced.

Is it really that easy???


Here’s my recipe for Blooming

1. Use grounding undertones for flooring, furniture, and fixtures.

This is the same process I use in painting. I paint the canvas with my undertone first. Now everything else put inside the rectangle will be grounded.

2. Establish whether your intent is to soothe? or to energize?

If you wish the room to be soothing, dominate with pastels ~ using jewel tones to accent.

If you wish the room to be energizing, dominate with jewel tones ~ using pastels to soften.

Example 1 ~ Soothe

Used on lavender gray (grounding earth rtone) wall, furniture, and carpet ~ Blooming energizes a soft, serene room with a pop of jeweled color.

Yet it is not too strong or out of place, because of its pastel softeners.

Example 2 ~ Energize

In a black and white kitchen, the same painting feels higher energy because now the eye is cueing into the contrasts of dark and light.

This is mirrored in our own energy internally. Our aura responds and we get in action, rather than relaxing as we did in the photo above.

What is your desire?

Do you wish for more ways to soothe and restore yourself?

Do you wish for ways to energize and stay moving?

What ways can you use color to do it for you?

Food for thought!

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Many Blessings,

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