Floating Lilies Create 7 Garden Rooms of Peace & Tranquility

water lilies paintings, Dorothy Fagan Collection Floating Lilies series

Floating Lilies Create 7 Garden Rooms of Peace & Tranquility

Water Lilies have much to teach us about embracing the murky water in which we often find ourselves! To thrive and bloom profusely, like water lilies, our roots feed us with vital creative energy found only on the muddy pond bottom of life.

Read on ... this is good news!

Purple Passion Diva, center, Glitter Me Happy (left), Reaching for the Light (right)

Water Lilies Paintings

Painting the water lilies, I am dreaming of what I would like my own pond to look like. The pond outside my studio is filled with wild things. My efforts to plant water lilies have been thwarted by snapping turtles, ducks, and beaver. And yet, sometimes a root takes hold and shoots up several pads and blossoms!

They remind me that my own murky bottom is also rich in nutrients for a productive and happy life. My responsibility as a wise woman is to direct that energy toward the Light.

At some point I stopped listening to the voice of the perpetrator.

Fear does not own my daily actions.

Instead I choose to paint Divas in the Light, water lilies paintings for women to create rooms of peace and tranquility ~ where we can connect with nature and recharge mind, body, spirit.

Blooming in the Sun

Water Lilies Paired

Blooming in the Sun and Reaching for the Light are paired in this zen like dining room. To me they feel both uplifting and soothing all at once. I think they would make for smooth and vibrant dinners with dear friends and family.

Blooming in the Sun (left), Reaching fo the Light (right)
Glitter Me Happy in pewter float frame

Palette Knife ~ a Fusion of Painting & Drawing

Painting is about color, feeling the emotion of color and becoming one with where it takes me.

Drawing is about line, defining the edges, grasping for something tangible to hold onto as I soar in colorful emotions.

Recovering from trauma, painting and drawing taught me through practice, to let go and hold on simultaneously. This is the peace within.

Accepting that I am human and the Creator resides within me, peace & joy fill the garden.

Glitter Me Happy (left), Wake Me, My Frog Prince! (right)

Grounding Floating Lilies in a Garden Room

The dark furnishings in this dining room call for framing to ground the Floating Lilies Collection into the space.  I've selected a pewter float frame for Glitter Me Happy, and Wake Me, My Frog Prince! The space around the canvas makes the art appear to float. The pewter color ties to the walnut table and sideboard.

Wake Me, My Frog Prince! (shown in pewter float frame)

Energetic carved details capture the exuberance and passion of my joy. Living in the moment, I've practiced choosing to say how I feel without hesitation. My heart speaks directly through my hand.

And on those days when my head gets in the way of my heart, I lay the painting down. I take the time I need to address the issue. And return to the easel when I am free to resume taking dictations of the Creator.

Detail palette knife strokes, Joyful Garden

In this cool toned sitting room, I've paired two of the lavender blue Floating Lilies for the side walls. Scaled smaller than the central focal point over the mantle, they complement without competing.

Wake Me, My Frog Prince! is done in 36" x 30" to fill the height of the mantle with vibrant complimentary colors. Opposite on the color spectrum, complimentary colors pop to draw attention and focus. In this room, coral pinks provide this alternate palette pop.

Rather than becoming too blended into the walls and furnishings, art should step up and out to bring the room and people to life. (Complimentary colors are opposites, complementary colors are analogous, matching, not opposites.)

If you love the art, you will always love the room!

Wake Me, My Frog Prince! (over mantle), Glitter Me Happy (left) & Reaching for the Light (right)
Purple Passion Diva

Purple Passion Diva

Many women who love my paintings are Purple Passion Divas! Purple is the shadow color that brings all other colors to life. We know this intuitively. We simply feel it without words or reasons.

If you look closely in nature, you can begin to see the purples all around you. In the trees you thought were gray or brown ~ there's purple! In the shadows on the sidewalk, yup they're purple. The undersides of the green leaves are lavender. I could go on and on.

Is purple your color?

Blooming in the Sun )center), Joyful Garden & Wake Me, My Frog Prince !

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