Inviting Coastal Style Art to Energize & Soothe [8 Photos]

Energize and Soothe with 8 Inviting Coastal Style Paintings

Afternoon Delight

Dorothy Fagan Collection presents 8 fresh coastal paintings

Whether your passion is morning on the beach, or twilight on the river, this stunning collection of vibrant paintings and canvas prints will help you create your perfect room.

Oyster and Pearl

Fagan has been painting coastal landscapes for three decades from her Virginia home.

Her passion for the landscape and its vibrant, and sometimes surprising colors is evident in this stunning collection.

High Tide

From Sunrise to Sunset

Whether your passion for color is early morning wake-me-up, or twilight wind me down ~ you'll find these especially inspiring to your artist's eye. Click on each for details of sizes, room ideas, and pricing.

King's Creek

The Silver Lining

The silver lining is that each of these original oil paintings is also available as a canvas print, custom sized to meet the scale of your wall. Use the Live Preview on Dorothy Fagan Collection Website and your cell phone to see your favorites right on the wall in your home!

Silver Lining

Fagan has painted plein air on the beaches near her home in Mathews County, Virginia for twenty years.

Plein air painting began in the late 1800s when artists first started taking their easels out of the studio to paint in natural sunlight. Fagan's studio is filled with sunlight, as she paints in a 30 foot sunroom with skylights footsteps from the water.

September Chase

Expressionist Color Fulfills Passion

Using colors direct from the tube, mixing them on the canvas directly, Fagan draws her style from years of painting with pastels. Pure pigments of intense color, pastels are characterized by the addition of white pigment. This slightly whitened appearance gives the the reputation of being muted, or light in color. Fagan's painting, however, are anything but!

West Wind

Direct Pigment Application

Whether applied with paint brush or palette knife, Fagan's style of strong calligraphic strokes evokes passion in the viewer. Stand in front of one of her paintings, and she hopes you will, 'feel your heart sing!'

Restful Evening
Afternoon Delight

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Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden