7 DIY Patterns for Home Decor & Wearable Art with my Ruby Slipper Fabric ~ See them all

Ruby Slipper Vest by Elise Marinos

Ruby Slipper Fabric

DIY or Ready to Wear!

I am so thrilled to see what one talented woman created with my Ruby Slipper Dance Collection Fabric from Spoonflower!

Ruby Slipper Vest by Elise Marinos
Ruby Slipper Vest by Elyse Marinos

Elyse Marinos is a quilter and fiber artist from Sacramento, California who creates stunning wearable art. In her design she choose Organic Cotton Sateen and pieced the vest together like a quilt.

I am enamored by the black and white checks paired with the red! So stunning!!!

And I love the way she has created the zig zag effect on the inside ~ wow! Not to mention her attention to details, like the boutoneir with the red berries, and that black and white spotted button closure!

Kudos Elyse!

If you are purchasing fabric from my Ruby Slipper Collection, note the difference between the floral only fabric, the one with the ruby slippers, and the one with the wording, 'Plant Joy & Bloom!'

" It is just gorgeous fabric!

I fell in love with your work,
you do amazing designs."

~ Elyse Marinos

Ruby Slipper Vest by Elise Marinos
Ruby Slipper Vest by Elyse Marinos

Upcycled Vest with Luxe Velvet pockets

Ruby Slipper Upcycled Vest with Hand Painted Ruby Slipper Scarf

This no sew project suited me!

I simply made a pattern by tracing the outline of the existing pockets on the vest. I ironed fusible to the back of my Ruby Slipper velvet from Spoonflower. Then cut the pockets out to size, a little larger so leaving room to fine trim once they were laid out on the vest.

Trimmed to match the stitching lines on the vest, I then ironed them in place. I use a pressure steam iron for this. If you have a standard iron, be sure to use a dampened press cloth. Follow package instructions on your fusible.

I chose to add top stitching around the curved side of each pocket. But there is no stitching at the pocket opening. I really don't think the top stitching was necessary ~ I just like the look of it!

Upcycled Ruby Slipper Vest by Joy;s Garden
Upcycled Ruby Slipper Vest

DIY or Ready Made

Ruby Slipper Velvet Clutch

Ruby Slipper Velvet Clutch

This smart looking Velvet Clutch is easy to diy. Or order ready made in our etsy shop.

The purse created with Ruby Slipper Velvet and lined with Wizard's Wand Navy Satin.  Purse frame with instructions is available through Upstyle on etsy.

Ruby Slipper Clutch Kit for DIY
Glue the purse frame onto the sewn lined purse one side at a time.
Ruby Slipper Velvet Clutch by Joy's Garden
Ruby Slipper Velvet Clutch
DIY Ruby Slipper Clutch Kit
DIY Ruby Slipper Clutch Kit

Crepe de Chine

Ruby Slipper Hand Painted Scarf

Ruby Slipper Crepe de Chine Hand Painted Scarf on etsy

If you're interested in painting your own Ruby Slipper scarf like this one, you'll need two yards of crepe de chine in the Ruby Slipper Dance fabric. Two yards makes three scarves, 70" x 17", so you'll have two for gifts and one for yourself!

I used Jacquard Textile Colors in Gold, Copper, Lumiere Pearl Violet, and Pearlescent Blue applied with pointed tip squeeze bottles and watercolor brushes. These paints can be diluted with water. I like to use them sparingly. Simply heat set them with an iron. Follow package instructions.

Since the crepe de chine is relatively light weight, it helps to secure the scarf or fabric to the table to avoid shifting. Practice your drawing and painting strokes on some scrap fabric first. This will help you feel confident you can make the strokes right the first time!

Allow the paint to set up overnight. Resist the temptation to handle it before it is set completely. If you iron it before it is completely dry, it will remove the paint!

If you would like to purchase one of my READY TO WEAR hand painted Ruby Slipper Scarves hop on over to my etsy shop.

How did you create this fabric???

The Secret behind the Ruby Slipper

Angel of Joy Quilt, 72" x 20"

I created the fabric from pieces of a painting! I had printed segments of a goddess painting on 4 squares of fabric. The original Oil painting is one I painted over with a flowing river!

Sewing the four squares of the design back together, my total piece was 72" x 18". This linen cotton fabric then landed on my painting table in the studio, where I painted back into it with iridescent fiber paints.

At that point I stopped and pressed it flat to photograph it in sections.

detail from original painting for Ruby Slipper Fabric Design

I created the fabric design for Spoonflower from my favorite section on Photoshop. Making sure the repeat of the design matched my vision for the fabric.

The tapestry is finished with free motion quilting and a hand painted border. The backing is heavy felt with several leaves embedded in the design.

You can see more detailed photos of this fiber art piece on my art website.

Cotton Sateen

Ruby Slipper Duvet & Pillows

Ruby Slipper Duvet Cover in Cotton Sateen
Ruby Slipper Throw Blanket in Fleece or Velvet

If you love, love, LOVE red, you'll love this duvet, pillows and throw blanket from Roostery. The duvet is made to order in queen, king, or twin in soft luxurious organic cotton sateen ultra. Matching pillows, or mix in a couple in Wizard Wand Navy.

Wizard Wand Navy Flange Edge Pillow
Ruby Slipper Flange Edge Pillow in Cotton Sateen , Velvet, or Silky

You'll find them all made to order on Roostery. This great sister company of Spoonflower prints and ships all their designer fabrics and made to order home decor from Raleigh, North Carolina! I've been designing for them, and using their fabrics for several years. It's a thrill to work with such top quality products, and such accommodating folks!!!

Click on the images for direct product links. Or go to Joy's Garden for Roostery to visit my shop.

Ruby Slipper Table Runner and Placemats in Cotton Sateen
Ruby Slipper Coctail and Dinner Napkins in Cotton Sateen
Ruby Slipper Tablecloth in Cotton Sateen

Mix and match rich jewel tones to create a festive table with Table Runner, Placemats, Cocktail and Dinner Napkins, Tablecloth and Tea Towels.  Made to order in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers
Dorothy's Ruby Slippers
Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden