When the World gets Wacky ~ Create Serenity with a Beautiful Marsh Landscape

marsh landscape painting

Painting plein air on the coastal marsh near my home, soothes and restores me. Especially when the world gets so wacky, just looking at the painting brings me back to center.

Silver Lining II

Bethel Beach Sanctuary is one of my favorite places to paint. Its expansive marsh on the Chesapeake Bay feels like home. Silver Lining II is one of many I painted there. I know you can feel the sunlight, as I do. Or you wouldn't be reading my article!


Silver Lining II

Marsh Landscape Paintings

There's something about a marsh landscape painting that takes us to that place between heaven and earth. With our feet planted firmly in the sand, like a heron, we can raise our heads above all of the stuff of life.

Head in the clouds, feet in the sand ~ I call it!

That place suspended between heaven and earth, the monks call 'thin space.'

With marsh landscape paintings hung in my home, peace and serenity is palpable ~ even when I turn the news on for a bit!

Silver Lining I

Marsh Landscape Paintings

I began painting the marsh landscape outside my studio in Mathews County in 2000. Twenty years later, I am still mesmerized by the colors and light. After painting so many, I have the colors, light, and scenes in my bones.

Now I can stand at my easel in the studio ~ and imagine myself on the beach and paint.

Even in the dead of winter, the warmth and radiance of the colors stays with me.

And for that I am forever grateful. This has brought me peace.

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Mobjack Moonrise

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden