All Her Glory ~ a Painting and a Purse

symbolism dahlia
All Her Glory

Interpreting the Painting

And what about the title of the painting, All Her Glory? What does it mean in relation to the dahlias, no longer growing in my garden?

The painting was one of the first I created with palette knife. I'd cut loose from an attempt to sit in the garden and draw how the dahlias looked en plein air. Back in the studio with only my passionate recollection of my dahlias, I put a large canvas on the easel and tore into it with palette knife and rich buttery oil paint.

My thrill of having five foot beauties ~ red, yellow, white, pink ~ all blooming taller than me in my garden came through the knife in my hand loud and clear. Petals etched themselves into the wet paint seemingly all by themselves.

All Her Glory Hand Painted Clutch

So why a purse???

A purse represents so many different aspects of us. We carry our identity, our money, means, license, credit, keys, makeup, and some of us oh so much more!  And THIS purse is not just any purse ~ it's a statement clutch!!!

I see it is now safe to speak my truth! This statement about my artistry, interpreting our connection to the landscape and garden, this article, and many others like it are my inner strength found in the process of sharing this sacred day with you.

If you feel drawn to these colors, absorbing them into your aura will help you assimilate the aspects they represent to you. Their symbolism is not limited to my interpretations in this article. Discovery is part of your artist journey.

If you wish to acquire the energies of All Her Glory, you will find the artwork on my art website, the statement clutch on my etsy shop.

Symbolism of Dahlia

Why do some things seem to hang around, while others go away quickly? The presence of this painting, in the form of a fabric painting, in my studio over ten years after I'd painted the original 'All Her Glory' oil painting begged for answers!

Like a recurring dream, had I missed some important meaning in the meaning and symbolism of dahlias?

Why was I still painting them ~ red, violet, yellow ~ and why did I feel compelled to create a purse with the fabric???

The dahlias had grown in my garden prolifically fifteen years ago. But they've been gone for a long time now. Does this mean that I'd lost dahlia's characteristic ability to find my inner strength? Or dahlia's ability to stand out from the crowd?

Red dahlia could carry a warning. Pinks a message of endurance and everlasting commitment.

symbolism dahlia
All Her Glory fabric swatch

Interpreting the Color Shift

You can see the color shift from the dominant reds, pinks, and earth colors of the oil painting to more muted lavenders of the fabric painting. I had to ask myself ~ 'what am I being more muted about that is keeping me from standing out from the crowd?'

The red chakra is primal ~ fight or flight ~ survival instincts. Earth colors are grounding. We require a big dose of earthy colors when fighting for survival.

The shift to muted lavenders and violet indicate a spiritual focus. Breathy blues almost whites indicate an ethereal connection, not present in the first painting.


All Her Glory hand painted clutch
Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden