By Land, or by Water

by land or by water

By Land (scape), Or By Water (color)

An upcoming exhibition at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News, Virginia will offer visitors the opportunity to reflect on how we view the image of an ever-changing landscape.

Artists offer different ways of seeing and experiencing the land. And I am honored to have two of my paintings included included in this important conversation. I look forward to engaging with people and art through this exciting exhibition.

Opening in May with support from the Virginia Watercolor Society, see Exhibitions Calendar for more info.

Bright Morning Stirs, oil

The Virginia landscapes exhibition delves into our landscape in an engaging way. And I was intrigued.

How has landscape painting evolved?

While artists awe at the magnificence of nature and the changing of seasons, some artists reflect on the concerns for the threat imposed on the landscape in the face of human habitation, industrialization and dwindling natural resources.

It seemed an invitation to send my painting, First Landing.

First Landing, oil on canvas, 36" x 60"

So What About the Landscape? And the Water?

As I have painted, my ideas and feelings for the landscape have evolved. And the artist within me matured. I have come to see the painting as a dream ~ the dream immigrants saw as they sailed into the Chesapeake Bay for the first time.

I began painting First Landing over ten years ago, while I was painting a series of works in collaboration with The Williamsburg Land Conservancy. Finally completed in December 2018, the painting had more to teach me than I first envisioned.

As with many creative projects, a watershed ensued. I came to see an overlying analogy of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed ~ and my own watershed of creativity. Accepting the myriad of estuaries now permeating my creative landscape as divine fulfillment of the vision of this painting, I am thrilled to see it exhibited. And most of all, to meet and learn from all the conversations that will grow from it. I hope to see you at the Members’ & Artists’ Private Opening reception: Friday, May 3rd, 5-7pm. Peninsula Fine Arts Center

First Landing and the Watershed

Learn more about First Landing and the Watershed

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