Experience the Watershed


Experience a Watershed Moment

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At a moment in time when so many Americans have lost touch with what unites us, a Modern Impressionist invites us to rediscover The Heart Connection.


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Tap into the Creative Source Inside You

First Landing, oil on canvas, 36" x 60"


Experience a Watershed Moment

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GO A LITTLE DEEPER.  Enhance your creativity inspiration and imaginative prowess. As you imagine stepping into this atmospheric Impressionist oil painting ~ feel the beauty. Allow your heart to melt into the soft colors. Allow your shoulders to sigh in relief. Your journey has been long and hard. It's left an indelible mark on you.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Breathe in beauty and love. Let your fears dissolve in pools of mist between sky and water. Allow peace to wash over you.

LET IT GO.  Exhale. It's okay to weep at the Creator's grace in guiding you here. And it's safe to speak your amazement in a prayer of thanks ~ for the simple privilege of just being here.

What is a Watershed?

A watershed moment is that experience when inspiration floods in all at once. Ah-haa!  The watershed we live in gives us a complete operating picture of how it works.

The highest elevations in our landscape, the source of rivers and streams, begin in a trickle. Always flowing downstream, never up ~ rivers broaden to the estuary, where they are filtered of debris, and flow to the Bay and ocean.

The term estuary is derived from the Latin words aestus (“the tide”) and aestuo (“boil”), indicating the effect generated when tidal flow and river flow meet. This convergence is the watershed ~ the ah-haa experience as human and divine converge as one.

Interpreting Symbols in the Landscape

Brilliance, Dreams Awake, oil, 36" x 84"

Brilliance, Dreams Awake

My studio overlooks a pond footsteps from the Chesapeake Bay. Ever present in my view is the relationship between earth, sky, and water. Human and divine, the flow connects us to the divine within.

In Brilliance, Dreams Awake, radiant color reflects the healing spectrum of divine light. From Brilliance against the rocks of life (left panel), to Dreams Awake (right panel), where we focus on the foreground details of life to ground our experience in reality.

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In the Flow

In the Flow, oil, 46" x 18"

In the Flow I

Treading water, the flotsam and jetsam of life we hold onto as humans seems superficial. Details of life carved, etched, scratched, embedded, as we move from crest to crest, ebbs and flows.

We are carried downstream along with the rest, except for the rare opportunity to stop and see ourselves through art or conversation.

Is something deeper at work within us?

The heart gives us what we seek.

Experience of love, compassion, understanding, connection.


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In the Flow II (Indian Summer), oil, 24" x 36"

In the Flow II (Indian Summer)

Touchstones step us from the foreground details of life, across a shimmering stream of inspirations. The horizontal band of earth colors forms a cross, juxtaposed by a vertical shaft of blue light from unseen sky. Darkness along the shoreline frames our view. Without it, we cannot see the light.

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Quickening Fusion

Bright Morning Stirs, oil, 24" x 30"

Bright Morning Stirs

The source of light is the subject of many paintings. As a symbol, it is that mysterious aspect of self we most desire to know.

Distinguishable through the landscape, our quivering twigs, extended branches, tender leaves, reach out into ripples of the flow.

Are we able to accept a moment of divine connection?

Can we be courageous in letting the ocean of humanity and river of divine converge in us?

One moment is all it takes to connect the heart.

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Tap into Your Watershed

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Strengthen your creative muscle. Creativity inspiration and imagination respond to exercise and use, just like any muscle. Try part two of The Watershed to get your flow pumped.

History of First Landing

Dorothy Fagan painting en plein air in pastels

A Life's Passion

1983 - 2006  Digging her bare feet into the sands of Bethel Beach Sanctuary in Mathews County, Virginia, Dorothy Fagan took ownership of her passion for this landscape. She began research for First Landing painting pastels in the mountains at state and national parks in 1983.

"I catch myself standing on that thin stretch of land between water and sky, and laugh at the Creator's play on my vulnerable position in the marsh!"

2007 - 2013  Stories and histories of the land and people accumulated, while she continued painting on properties protected by the Mathews Land Conservancy and Williamsburg Land Conservancy along the East River, Ware River, Nansemond, James, York, and Rappahannock. Infused with emotion, Dorothy's deepening perceptions seeped into a full-spectrum palette.

2013 - 2018  "On a brilliant winter morning,I drove over the Coleman Bridge at 7:00 am.  Sun had just broken through clouds. Rain drops filled the air with mist, each a prism refracting light into bits of color exactly like First Landing. I felt suspended in a rainbow."

About the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Our Chesapeake Bay watershed collects water from more than 64,000 square miles, in parts of six states—Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

More than 18 million people live in this watershed. The Chesapeake Bay is the largest watershed in the United States.

Awareness and care of the watershed that you live in, can help you understand how the creative process works within you. The analogies are plentiful.

For example, caring for the watershed by raising your awareness of how the run-off from your landscape impacts the ocean ~ can also raise you awareness of how what you say and do impacts others.

In the coming days, you will see opportunities to say and do things that honor the heart of our connection.

We can learn much from Native American teachings. There is much to learn.


Dorothy Fagan Biography

art decor design, dream interpretation, watershed project, ruby slipper project, journaling for women, Dorothy Fagan artist

Standing on the shoulders of Monet and Matisse, Dorothy's colorful paintings stand apart in international collections including; Musee de La Grande Vigne, Dinan, France, Boston Children's Hospital, City University of New York, and Longwood University Art Museum. Studying painting in oils, pastels, and watercolors as a child, Dorothy completed her B.F.A. in Printmaking and Painting at East Carolina University. In a ten-year mentorship in Master Impressionist Painting, Robert Bowers Mayo guided Fagan to look inside herself to paint landscapes of the heart.

In both paintings and fiber art, Dorothy Fagan takes us to the depths of human darkness and back into the embrace of the light. Fusing colorist ideas and techniques with modern healing art, she paints to create peace in her own heart. Her vibrant spectral palette and energetic brush strokes reveal intimate details of her inner world. Landscape symbols, translated as dreams, uncover hidden meaning in a mirror world.


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