New Morning ~ What Color is Surrender???

When I woke this morning the clouds were the most amazing color!

The dream I’d been dreaming was right outside my window. Lush olive green trees washed with morning colors. I jumped out of bed and ran to get coffee and have a better look.

Out on the deck I felt cool air rising from the pond to meet the heavenly colors mid way up. I knew the seasons were changing and that this new day was something special.

I’d seen the colors undulating in pastel strokes on a square piece of handmade paper, so made haste to find it. Shuffling through them, I laid twenty possibilities on the table.

Instead of diving in, I went instead to shower and eat. This may sound silly to even talk about ~ but putting my own care first in indeed a new day.

Yesterday while journaling, I’d taken my namesake Faith by the hand. So I felt more inclined to let her shower me with creamy lemon fragrance of Sorrento before breakfast.

New Morning, pastel painting
New Morning, pastel on handmade paper

Surrendering to a cascade of bubbles, lather washed away to leave me standing in a flow of colors. Pleasure of touching each one, I felt cool colors rise from the shadows and warm ones light the sky.

If you squint at the painting, I think you can feel this vertical energy. How does it feel to you? Can you feel it in your body?

The painting is called New Morning ~ the title of this new series of small pastels.

This painting ships today to the one who claims it first. If you wish to have it framed, I am happy to have it framed in an appropriately beautiful frame for you.

There are more photos where you can see the strokes and colors in each section. Click through to see them. And if it’s yours, claim it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Many Blessings!


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