Embrace the Mountain of Colors Within You!

Love color? What if the colors you dream of lie deep within your soul? Your passion is your ticket! Go on an artist's journey in France and discover the artist you were meant to be.

Discovering Joy's Garden

Looking for new direction in my life and art, the chance to go on an artist's residency in France was a dream come true!  I had been through the mud. Challenges of raising three boys. Trauma of the attempt on my life. The loss of my mother, how could I possibly move forward?

My colors were muddy too. I owned every color, watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels. Which ones would I take on my artist journey of a lifetime? Discovering the six colors within my mountain ~  led me to Joy's Garden ~ and discovering the artist I was meant to be!
Discover the six colors within you. Whether you paint or not, my heart-warming stories of painting in France will lift your spirits. Look over my shoulder as I paint in watercolor, oil, and mixed media. See how cascading dreams come to life in paintings. Open the door to Joy's Garden and the radiant colors within you.


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Dorothy Fagan artist

Meet Dorothy Fagan

At seven, she knew she would be an artist. When the nuns handed her a box of colored chalks, she painted a picture of the Virgin Mary on the blackboard. As a young mother, she sent her delicate pastel landscapes, off to win international recognition, while she did the twins' diapers. After an attacker threatened her life, she lost her ability to paint them. Her incredible journey to Joy's Garden began in Provence, where she discovered the colors within and the purpose of her artistry though writing.

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Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden