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Top 3 Easiest Ways to Expand Your Creativity

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Journaling for Women (and sensitive men!)

My journal is my sanctuary, a sacred place where it is safe to be me!

For many years I felt caught like a deer in the headlights ~ frozen in my tracks ~ by the actions or words of someone else. Art and dreams provided me a safe haven from trauma of the attack on my life, my mother's cancer, and the impossible task of trying to be a perfect mother ~ to create everything my heart desires, if only in words and pictures.

The Power of Words & Sketches

When I discovered that a poem I'd written, and paintings I'd created twenty five years ago had indeed become VERY REAL ~ I simply had to create this special website ~ JoysGarden.org ~ to share with you how I did it!

In my each of my books, you'll find creative cues, methods, and techniques I use every day to make my inner world become the REAL WORLD I live in.

Yes, the world is still filled with all that dramatic stuff! Yet somehow I am secure and in action fulfilling my purpose as human being ~ as artist, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Fear no longer stops me from being who I am on the inside.

I invite you to join me in my special corner of this world where dreams DO grow up and learn to fly! Scroll down and start creating . . .

"A Special Corner of this World Where Dreams Grow Up and Fly"

Dorothy Fagan

Peaceful Valley
dream paint flourish

Journals for Women

Joy's Garden Journals

1. dream . . .

Start Your Own Story Here

To help you get started Joy's Garden journals begin and end with an inspirational prayer.

Filled with plenty of lined blank journal pages, each journal is a sacred space to help you honor the creative voice within.

To support you in hearing and accepting your Creative gifts, each page is delicately watermarked with Dorothy's exquisite illustration of the lavender fields of Provence cascading from the spire of an ancient hilltop monastery.

The back cover reads, "a special corner of this world where dreams grow up and fly."

"The author's story in itself is so brave, so authentic, so honest and moving that I was totally inspired all over again by her gorgeous art. Now I have this wonderful book with her story and paintings together and I treasure it. Thank you for being such a shining light in this world. Every time I see one of your paintings, I feel joy."     Jean F.

Journaling Art & Dreams

Joy's Garden Embrace the Mountain Book and Journal Set

2. paint . . .

Paint Your Heart Out Here

Embrace Your Mountain and begin your creative journey with Dorothy Fagan.

Travel on an inspirational artist's journey to the heart of France. As she reveals the deepest inspirations for her art and shows you how she interprets her visions, you'll find space in the companion's journal to record your own inspirations.

As you see how Dorothy discovers meaning in paintings and dreams, sparks will pop to mind. Space to capture each of these, along side each painting in the book, is provided for you in the companion journal.

This Artist Journey Set of Journals for Women is like 'falling into a painting, a la Mary Poppins!' Along with your map and expert guide book, you'll learn Dorothy's palette colors, creativSOUP method, and be on your own creative journey from the first page.

Journaling Art & Dreams

Mystery of Two Sisters

3 flourish . . .

Align with Your

Soul Sister

"I had no idea what my life purpose, or the purpose of my artistry might be. I didn't have a clue until I returned from France. Suddenly new juxtaposed with old and everything looked different. "

See how Dorothy found clues to solve the mystery of a soul sister she didn't know she had ~ all hidden in plain sight in Dorothy's journals, sketchbooks, paintings, and fiber art!


"Looking at your paintings is like taking a vacation. I always loved the idea of falling into a painting a la Mary Poppins — I wish I could literally fall into yours. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your paintings."     Amanda M.

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