A Bit of Mesmerizing Whimsy

on the easel this month

A Bit of Mesmerizing Whimsy


on the easel
on the easel this week, Unfettered Dreams

I am very excited about finishing up on this triptych. I've been working on it all month!

Last fall we visited an arboretum in Philadelphia with my brother and sister in law. I became fascinated with the sunken garden. One quadrant was filled with magical, six feet tall blooms.

Swaying in the light autumn breeze, they arched their long necks to and fro. Pale pink flowers and long arching fronds spilled everywhere!

I snapped some quick cell phone pics. And moved on with the family to other pursuits.

Three months later I still couldn't get them out of my mind!!

Stay tuned for more about this mesmerizing whimsy . . .