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Sunflower Watercolors

Vibrant Summer Colors Cure the Winter Blahs

This is hardly the time of year to paint sunflower watercolors en plein air. Remembering the day I did is nearly as effective in curing my winter blahs!

Sunflower Dance

I love these colors!

They take me right back to that precious afternoon with my friend Sally.

We sat out on the riverfront in Tappahannock and painted watercolors.

Such a sweet memory to warm me on this cold January afternoon!

Sunflower Jazz, watercolor

Sally's husband Chris brought fresh picked sunflowers in, just as we were on our way to the lawn to paint. She grabbed the French floral tablecloth off the dining table, and dropped the flowers into an antique metal pitcher.

We settled into the Adirondack chairs and got the brushes wet.

It was quiet for awhile. And then Sally asked a question.

I can't say I remember the question. Just that it shifted my focus.

Sunflower Passion, watercolor

Sally was frustrated with her painting. Indeed, she was still drawing and hadn't opened the paints!

"Sally", I said, "what attracted your eye to paint?"

"Oh, I love the way the white tablecloth looks against the beautiful green lawn!"

I stopped what I was doing. I grabbed the green paint and splashed the shape of the lawn around the edges of a fresh white page.

Then I dropped in the golden sunflowers. And found a cooler tone for the pitcher.

While it was all still wet, I grabbed an ochre watercolor pencil and outlined the main shapes of the composition.

French Sunflowers, watercolor

Now I was also lost in trying to get all of the details into my painting too!

Sally's gear shifting question really turned up the heat.

You can see how there is no green lawn at all in this first painting.

I like the painting the way it is. And I have Sally to thank for shifting my attention away from killing it with more details!

I went home so excited with my watercolors, I laid into a large canvas with oil paint the following week.

Sunflower Jazz, oil on canvas

Sunflower Watercolors, Oils & Prints

For more information about the sunflower watercolors, the oil painting, and prints ~ click on the images. You will find my framing suggestions, room photos, and a gratitude poster that would be fabulous in a kitchen!

sunflower watercolors sunflower watercolors sunflower watercolors

Gratitude Poster

sunflower watercolors sunflower watercolors sunflower watercolors

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden