On a Sparkly Day | Oh My! Vibrant Color

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Oh My! Vibrant Color!

On this gray winter day, the pond within sparkles with vibrant color. I just finished this painting of my imaginary Monet pond. My dream of creating a Monet garden begins on canvas. The pond beyond my windows still shrouded in winter color.

On a Sparkly Day

Use colors that feel like WOW!

Don't waste your time and effort, with color that don't lift you up!

Which combinations touch your heart?

vibrant color
jewel tones
vibrant color
earth tones
vibrant color
pastel tones with jewels
vibrant color
pastel tones

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are vibrant color with cool temperatures. While the pinks have warmth, they are cool in relation to other warm colors, such as orange.

Earth Tones

Earth Tones are not often thought of as vibrant color. Yet they CAN be vibrant! Look at how the earthy orange feels. When combined with warm and cool greens, it functions as an earthy tone.

Pastel Tones

We think of pastel tones as muted color, not vibrant color. In the artists' definition of pastel, pigment is mixed with white to create a pastel tone. It doesn't have to be mixed with sooooooo much white, that it fades away!

Mixing it All Together

Combining warm and cool variations of jewel, pastels, and earth colors ~ creates sparkle! When using these in a room, we alternate earth tones or neutrals according to personal preference.

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden