Orchid Watercolor Painting How to Mix Media with Watercolor

Orchid Watercolor Painting


Orchid Watercolor Painting

Inspiration began with a wonderful handmade watercolor paper with four deckle edges. The paper so thick and textured, I wanted to caress it!!!


Orchid Muse, watercolor, 9" x 12"

I couldn't wait to see how paint would look on this fabulous watercolor paper. After all, it IS the paper that makes it all work right?

A day at the botanic garden did the trick.

I took my stack of papers, a small watercolor palette, a bottle of water and a brush and headed for the orchid house.

orchid watercolor painting
handmade watercolor paper with 4 deckle edges ~ so Where Does Inspiration Come From?'

I came home with six studies. You know, those incomplete paintings you're not sure if you like or hate.

I liked most of them, sort of.

But there was something missing.


Golden Orchid, watercolor, 9" x 12"

I threw them on the table in the studio. A week or so later, I still felt something missing.

And I still felt CURIOUS . . .

I picked up the paint brush to explore options.

Lily's Wish, watercolor, 12" xz9"

The paint got heavy, you know too much paint, not enough white left showing through.

I walked away and let it dry.

The next day I loaded a 2" wide flat wash brush with gesso, first dipped in water so the gesso wouldn't be too overwhelming.

Gesturing the white, I blocked in where I wanted to see Light.

I let it dry completely.

Wow! Space for more watercolor!

I painted til my heart's content and let it dry again.

Orchid House, watercolor, 12" x 9"

Then I did it all again!

Sometimes I added water soluble pastels to the mix. Sometimes pencil.

With each layer I wondered if I'd blown the whole thing.

But I didn't care! I didn't listen to her nagging about getting it right!

I just kept on playing my game of colors.

And then I discovered what was missing in the sketches I brought home from the gardens.

It was me!!!

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