Emotional Pastel Colors from Pure Earth Pigments

Dorothy Fagan pastel copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved, pastels

Something not too many people know about me. . .

Pastels were my primary medium for 25 years.

Painting with pastels is like shooting from the hip.

Emotional reactions are quick. Pastels respond without the delay of thinking about mixing colors or anything else.

Grab and go!

Serenity, pastel


Painting in pastels, for me, begins with earthy color. Specifically the color of the paper, a mid-range golden tone, grounds the image.

Have you ever seen a painting that appears to float?

If the earthy shadow colors are missing, the painting will float.

Color Mixing

This painting, Serenity, done on ochre paper is built with layers of cross-hatched lines. This allows you as the viewer, to mix the colors with your eyes.

As your eyes/brain/heart/soul mixes the colors, you are thereby grounded in the process. Vibrations flow through the chakras, until all are aligned and vibrating in unison. This is what serenity feels like.

Hence the title, Serenity, is the place you have come to.

Welcome home!

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