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I knew when I left Paris in 2013 that I would carry on Monet's work in color. Yet ~ how could a girl from Virginia do such a thing?

In Monet's garden I felt the first inklings of the power of radiant color. Using a spectral palette since, my paintings and I feel saturated, satiated, and glowing.

healing color monet's garden
Monet's Pink House

Monet envisioned his water lily murals at l'Orangerie healing soldiers after battle as they returned home in November, 1918. Yet the murals did not open to the public until after the artist's death in 1927 ~ nine years AFTER the armistice!!!

Using my palette to recover from the trauma of the attempt on my life ~ I realize now why I still feel so strongly about taking Monet's work forward for the next generation. The secrets of color and their connection with our innate ability to balance and restore ourselves daily ~ are simple truths we need to remember now more than ever!

Living amid this terrorized world of 2019 with radiance, grace, and beauty ~ we all must discover the colors of peace, strength, and faith within us!

I am not waiting for a global armistice and some museum to approve, install, me to die!

The 4 Secrets of Color are on my website today. This unique installation guides you through 9 powerful color palettes that effect our lives everyday.

In our fast-moving global world, we are all traumatized and numbed by the 24/7 news and catastrophes that play out every week. It's no wonder we feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired, confused, and lost with this dissonance invading our homes and lives.

It may sound over-simplistic to say that color can somehow resolve the terror and trauma caused by this invasion. Yet discovering the four secrets of color ~ did exactly that.


The day after the attack on my life I couldn't go to the clothesline to bring the twins diapers in without freaking out. And I couldn't paint the delicate abstract landscapes I'd been painting the day before. In fact, I became so depressed I stopped painting entirely.

Life was dark there. Without painting, I lost my artistic skills and languished. I lost my business, my verve for living, and gave away my art. I was lost in the dark.

It was in that precious darkness ~ that I discovered the Light and colors within me.

Colors activated the innate ability to restore balance, harmony, and radiance ~ uplifting me from depression ~ to a place where I could hear Monet's call.

The 4 Secrets of Color is open to the public free of charge. 365 days a year 24/7. So I ask a great favor of you in helping me get the word out.

I hope I can count on your support!

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