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Painting Emotional Colors

Did painting emotional colors help Edvard Munch heal from mental illness? The Scream is such an iconic painting ~ but what's the real story behind it?

I ask because the power behind my colors is emotion. People ask about my colors every day. The answer is emotional.

E-motion. Energy in motion. Creative energy contained in emotion, released through color ~ transforms the body and soul as it is released.

Painting emotional colors heals mind body spirit.

The Scream

The first video shows just a few examples of my own emotional painting. Using emotionally charged colors became an integral part of my process during the early 80s. After an attack on my life, I fought for my life with my paint brush.

Painting became a most effective way of processing emotions so deep, that words and understanding could not touch and heal my heart.

Painting emotions held deep in my heart, my own silent scream, transformed the raging colors in my heart into peaceful ones.

In Edvard Munch's emotional painting, The Scream, and its analysis by art historians, we see the power and depth of his feelings and his paintings.

Did Edvard Munch use his paintings to heal?

If you are pressed for time, skip forward to 1:45 in the video where she tells of Munch's story and the meanings of the painting.

Common Ground ~ Being Human

I feel common ground with Munch. Not that my issues are the same as his, rather that the depth of feelings is similar. Releasing my heart on canvas, I felt the earth screaming too.

Using the emotional power of color to heal, Edvard Munch balanced red with dark blues, light and dark. Did this help him process mental illness?

Is this what enabled him to feel the earth scream? Did this connection with the earth help him heal? Did Edvard Munch's emotional painting help him heal?

What did Munch fear? Without the edge, none of us can create. It's like the kid on the playground who dares his friend to do that thing that he fears doing himself.

Matching fear with courage to try opens the door of creativity.

I invite you to join me in a modern day creativity salon.

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