A Poem that Came True ~ Writing Dreams is NOT Child’s Play

Joy's Garden Salon
Joy's Garden Salon

So inspired today!

The first day of spring is inspiring enough in itself. This year more so, as today is my 25th wedding anniversary!

In the garden at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, Vriginia, Jim and I got married. It was a slightly chilly day, just like this. Yet sunny enough to say our vows in the garden.

I wrote a poem for our wedding. And today, I realize I have literally lived into it.

Garden of the Heart

A place to put down roots,
to build a nest,
to sow some seeds
for autumn afternoons.

a rich and fertile space
where dreams grow up
and learn to fly

a special corner of this world
where sun shines always after rain
and winds sigh gently before dusk.

Dream Journal Joy's Garden
Cascading Dreams Journal

Writing Dreams is NOT Child's Play

To Create a special corner of this world where your dreams can grow up and fly as well . . .

Joy's Garden Journals

The poem appears on the last page in each of 8 blank journals with watermarked pages. The watermarks are created from finely detailed drawings of the lavender fields of Provence.

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Cascading Dreams is the title of this one. It truly IS a dream come true to see Joy's Garden Salon come to life. The vision has niggled at me for twenty-five years. Pinch me!

I invite you to join me in the salon. It truly is a special corner of this world ~ where dreams grow up and fly.

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Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

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