Gloriosa Lily Meaning Journaling Prayer

Gloriosa Lily Signifies the Source


Gloriosa Lily represents the source of life. It's curling spiral tendrils and climbing habit signify glory, fame and honor.

Covered with corkscrew curls desperate to climb, it's very nature suggests upward spiraling energy of the Creator. Flowers of dark red, bright pink, orange with saffron yellow represent the lower chakras, creative, grounded, safe, and strong.

Its long stamens at right angles to the petals appear to float ~ a metaphor for our relationship with the Creator. As a tuber that is both a member of the lily family which climbs as well, it is a botanical rarity.

Celebrate the Light, Gloriosa Lily.



As you watch the lily unfold, jot down words that pop to mind.

Allow each word to drop on the page as a petal of the flower blooming.

If you have watercolors, stroke the page with colors of the feelings you sense.

Moment by moment, just like the petals.

Drop them on the page

where ever they land.

Gloriosa Lily, you bloomed today!

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GARDENERS' REFERENCE  Gloriosa is a genus of 12 species in the plant family Colchicaceae, and includes the formerly recognised genus Littonia. They are native in tropical and southern Africa to Asia, and naturalised in Australia and the Pacific as well as being widely cultivated. Wikipedia
Scientific nameGloriosa
Did you knowSome common names include Gloriosa Lily, Flame of the Woods, Flame Lily, Climbing Lily and Glory Lily.
Flame in the Woods strikes me in particular. In my dreams, the woods are woulds! Your flame is eternal.
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