Enchanted on the Amalfi Coast ~ No April Fool!

What does enchanted feel like?

Enchanted Part II

It’s been a year since I flew to the Amalfi Coast on a girls week in paradise. And I must tell you, it’s just now seeping in.

The colors, the once-in-a-lifetime PINCH ME, wake me up from a dream, four days ~ all of it ~ captured in a hand full of precious watercolors.

I’ll let the brush strokes speak for themselves!

Marina Grande, Watercolor plein air

Balcony in Paradise

Balcony in Paradise, watercolor plein air

Mediterranean Magic

Mediterranean Magic, watercolor plein air

Marina Grande II

Marina Grande II, watercolor plein air

Table for Two

Table for Two, watercolor plein air

Vesuvius Sleeps

Vesuvius Sleeps, watercolor plein air

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Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden