Amalfi Coast Watercolor Painting

Amalfi Coast Painting

I began with the feeling of the beautiful aqua green blue sea. A big loaded brush stroke of sparkling green blue turquoise aqua stroked across the center of my handmade paper sheet. Paint ran freely into the cracks and crevices of the lovely deckle page. And then it happened.

Open Heart, watercolor

I didn't think about what the title would be. Or what it all meant.

I just let that loaded brush ooooze with aqua green turquoise paint.

Immediately, orange, vermilion, magenta, purple, and deep blue rectangles edged into place around the sea.

A smitten cloud danced gleefully into place above it all.

Soft graphite brought it all to life, smudging edges of rooftops, docks, boats, windows, and a steeple into place.

A prayer answered. White space to breathe sparkles!


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Joy's Garden

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Joy's Garden