Tuscan Colors ~ Not What You Think!

Tuscan colors

I thought I knew what Tuscan Colors were until I went to Tuscany.

Tuscan Colors are NOT What You Think!

Check out these 5 Paintings with Tuscan Colors

Window with a View, watercolor

Tuscan Colors ~ Earth Tones & Blue Violets

The side of this stone building in the old section of Figline Val d'Arno, is typical of Tuscan colors. Earthy pinks, terra cotta, violets with touches of verdigris feel comfortable together.

I've been fascinated with backyard gardens. And window sills count! I love the way the bright terra cotta in the sunlight, is surrounded by deep verdigris green shadows.

The clothesline is a play of warm and cool, violet blues against terra cotta and gold sunshine. Painted on handmade watercolor paper, pigments roll into the crevices of the page, as if it were a stone wall too!

Bicycle Races in Figline, watercolor

Tuscan Colors ~ Deep Cobalt Blues with Festival Hues

In the piazza of the same village, we stumbled on a bicycle race! The entire village pulsated with children's squeals, and grand parent cheers.

Though the facades of the buildings are time worn and faded, vibrant colors of flowers and children set the overwhelming tone.

Splendid Memory, watercolor

Tuscan Colors ~ Deep Cobalt Blues and a Vibrant Cloud

Using the same palette from the village, I painted a landscape from memory of our drive. If I say I was surprised by the colors, I'd be understating it for sure.

I had this idea that "Tuscan Colors" ~ were Yellow and Orange, Terra Cotta. I was not at all expecting the blues and violets, or the sky.

Panzano Villas, watercolor

Tuscan Colors ~ Golden Ochres, Terra Cotta against Verdant Green

The village of Panzano was not far from our 'home' on the mountain near Figline Val d'Arno. We visited there often, and I still haven't gotten enough of the mezmerizing villas cascading down into the vineyards that surround it.

I painted it a number of times. In this small watercolor, I delighted in playing with the violet shadow shapes. I really like the way they team up with the verdigris greens in balancing the ochres of the villas.

Tuscan Dream, watercolor

Tuscan Colors ~ Golden Ochres, Terra Cotta against Verdant Green

Last but not least, we should talk about the heart-melting greens!

When I first set eyes on this view, I thought I would dissolve into the ridges. It took me two years to quiet my self, enough to be able to paint them!

Of course, I had to call it 'Tuscan Dream' ~ it still is!

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden