How did it FEEL to be Diana Ross? Today’s Woman or the French Salons

french salons

I am trying to Imagine How Diana Ross Felt
in that fabulous Red Dress!

I am seeing my granddaughter AND myself all at once, mind meld!

How far we have come since the women's lib of the 60s, and the French salons of the 18th century!

Diana Ross at the 2019 Grammys

A Long Way from the French Salons

I felt sooooo inspired to see Diana Ross in her red dress at the Grammys! I felt her saying what I cannot. And yet, I feel she's flung the door wide open for me!

In a male dominated world, even the arts have still been under the thumb of men. Yet somehow it felt that something changed at the Grammys.

Looking back a century or two, women began the process of stepping out in the French Salons. In a male-dominated society, women hostessed, selected topics, and fostered the conversations.

Diana Ross, in her fabulous red dress, announced it to the world. Women are out on stage in a way that we've never been before.

Grammy hostess Alicia Keys with Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez

at the French Salons Divas dressed in ruffles

We are ALL Divas,
when compared to
Madame du Deffand!

Just look at the juxtaposition of Grammy hostess Alicia Keys, along with Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michele Obama, and Jennifer Lopez with Madame du Deffand, a well-known salonniere of the 18th century! We HAVE come a long way!


French salons
Madame du Deffand
french salons
Dorothy Fagan

A Creativity Salon for Today's Woman

We can foster the Creator within us with a salon for today's women

What would it feel like to have a sanctuary, a sacred place, where we can converse, share ideas, creative projects?

Wouldn't you like to meet  like-minded people in the privacy of my studio?

Join us!

I have been encouraging friends and family, children and grandchildren, with their creative endeavors for decades. Come join us!

Engage in design conversations. Get ideas and patterns for my Unfettered Dreams bedroom designs. See the one I am designing for my granddaughter. And the one I am creating for myself!

Download the patterns. Connect with online resources for my designer fabrics, home decor products, art, sewing help, and interior design.


Unfettered Desires

Just to give you an idea of where I'm going with this, Early Spring is one of the designs in my new Unfettered Desires Collection.

It is available as a canvas print ~ up to six feet tall!

It is also the main fabric panel on a duvet cover in cotton sateen. The sides and reverse of the duvet will be coordinating fabrics. And the pillow ensemble will feature sections of the abstract lily pond in the painting.

Designs for a coordinating bed skirt and curtains will be available for download, complete with instructions for sewing them yourself, and where to purchase the fabrics.

You will also be able to purchase velvet upholstery fabric in this design to create an ottoman, chair, or pillows!

Early Spring
Unfettered Desires


Unfettered Desires Collection

The center panel from my triptych, Radiance, Jewels, and Unfettered Desires is shown in the photo, alone.

It is available as a canvas print ~ up to six feet tall! Or use all three panels to create a garden dining room!

In addition, you will be able to get the designs on tabletop items, place mats, napkins, runners, and table cloth ~ all mix and match 'til your heart's content

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