Dorothy Fagan artist
Dorothy Fagan

Bring to Life Colors, Passions, & Dreams

Using the power of visual pictures, paintings, and her own true life story ~ Dorothy Fagan leads her listeners on a mini artist journey.

  • Dorothy's stories about life and painting bring the Creator alive.
  • Precious moments cascade in gentle sparkling Lights.
  • Audience members may bring a journal.
  • No prior art experience is required.
  • Each person blooms in their own way.


Meet Me at the Water's Edge

The artist will speak about how her father met her at the river while he was in hospice ~ to inspire a series of paintings with messages of love and eternal life.

Dorothy Fagan with her father, Jack Fagan
Dorothy Fagan with her father, Jack Fagan

A special twin soul relationship with her father, Dorothy shares her father's 'miraculous' recovery from a head wound during the Battle of the Bulge. At 19 the Army told him to get his affairs in order. Fifty years later, he'd outlived most of them. Watching him, and talking with him about the nature of Creativity, Dorothy follows in his footsteps on the next part of their twin soul journey.

In this intimate conversation, Dorothy shares her true life stories of painting with her father while he lay in hospice care. See the paintings and messages he sent to his family through Dorothy's art during his crossing including; Green Pastures, Bleeding Heart and Coming Home.

45 min +Q/A (Optional 1/2 day workshop)

"The idea that we share a purpose with a soul mate gives deeper meaning to life."

"Walk With Me, imagines the edge of the water where we meet now ~ the threshold between physical and spiritual world. Dad and I walked the beaches of Cape Cod, the Jersey Shore, and Sanibel while he was here. Walking with him now is different, yet equally divine."

Pauline Fagan (standing) with her daughter Dorothy Fagan


Our Meandering Garden Path

Dorothy will share how her mother Pauline comes in dreams to inspire her to complete their soul mate connection, by painting and designing fabrics for home decor and clothing.

"Mom first started talking to me in dreams after she passed away in '89. It took me a long time to understand the meaning and purpose of it all."

Audience will see paintings and fiber art works and hear the transformation questions and answers an artist uses to open blocked creativity. How to use unfinished paintings and projects to blow the lid off your artistry and art.

45 min +Q/A (Optional 1/2 day workshop)


Embrace the Mountain Book 1


Embrace the Mountain

Discover the six colors within you. Whether you paint or not, Dorothy's heart-warming stories of painting in France will lift your spirits and help you see with creative eyes.

Audience members will go on an artist journey, asking questions an artist asks, discovering symbols in dreams, art, and the waking world. And take home the Creator's game of playing pitch or catch with colors and shapes.

45 min +Q/A (Optional 1/2 day workshop)


Goddess Stepping Out Joys Garden book by Dorothy Fagan


Goddess Stepping Out

Listeners will see and hear themselves in Dorothy's timid, uncertain first steps of becoming a writer, poet, and author of the Joy's Garden books. See the paintings and hear the true life story of how and why a gifted artist lived invisibly in the background of life.

Dorothy's discussion of balancing masculine and feminine energies in our culture, and the history of the goddess, will open a door for exploration and discovery.



45 min +Q/A (Optional 1/2 day workshop)


Learn about Dorothy’s Colors

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden

Joy's Garden