Angel of Joy

Delphi copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan
Angel of Joy

The oracle at Delphi, Amaryllis discovered she can hear and interpret Gaia.

The ancestral mother of all life, Gaia is the personification of earth. Mother Earth embodies the bounty of earth. She represents creativity, destruction, fertility, and nature.

Following the oracle's instructions, Amaryllis dresses in maiden's white and appears her loved one's door for 30 nights, each time piercing her heart with a golden arrow.

When at last the door opens, a striking crimson flower springs from the blood of Amaryllis's heart. A symbol of pride, determination and radiant beauty blooms.

in the flow copyright 2018 Dorothy Fagan delphi
In the Flow

The Gift is Yours

You already have it. Everything you need to bloom is already yours.

I was so convinced otherwise, I nearly knocked myself out trying to do it all. Then I listened to the oracle. And I saw her on the floor where I'd left her.

I'd painted her, then thrown her there unfinished. All at once, I could see my blooming self in her.

I'd started her years ago. She began as an oil painting. Then I painted her out. I painted this abstract river over top of her! You can see how I carved the earthy twigs and reflections into the wet paint.

Earlier this year, I found four squares of linen I'd printed with sections of the painting. Over the summer I stitched her back together. And painted over her once again.

Picking her up off the floor, I asked 'what now?'

With the my open ended question came a plethora of possibilities. Wow! How to choose?

I've selected the ones I believe will help you see what's possible when YOU follow your heart.

Angel of Joy

A shimmering iridescent fiber art piece, she stands six feet tall and stunning. Metallic gold and copper drawing overlays my brush strokes.

With her I've created a limited edition canvas. And a few hand painted artist's proofs.

I am offering them through December 31, 2018.

Joy's Garden Collection

She's lush and rich with vibrant reds, gold, and sparkling blue green, lavender blooms. With her I've designed a velvet pillow for your sofa or bedroom.

And best of all, I think you'll love wearing the limited edition kimono jacket! This beautiful flowing flowery creation is highlighted with hand painted strokes of iridescence.

Also available for a short time are Angel of Joy leggings, blouse and zip purse.

Offered through December 31.