Symbolism of Hosta, like Lilies, Inspires Pure Spirit


Meaning of Hosta

The meaning and symbolism of flowers has always fascinated me. Discovering yet another layer of meaning in my garden, or in a painting is part of the joy of painting.

Today I discover that hosta is similar to lily in that she is of pure spirit.

Stand Tall & Bloom

This particular hosta was a giant. She stood nearly as tall as I with her blooms reaching close to my face!  I'd been invited by a friend to paint in her garden on Long Beach Island, Loveladies to be exact.

I LOVE the name of that town! I grew up spending summers on Long Beach Island, we had a cottage in North Beach. So the opportunity to revisit an old haunt was very appealing.

The opportunity to paint in this particular backyard garden came a quite a surprise, from someone I'd just met. My sister-in-law and I were staying in Barnegat Light for the weekend. She was off photographing birds. While I set up my easel to paint at a local garden center.

The owner (a very angry man) came out and ran me off! A woman across the road heard the commotion and called out to me from her upstairs window, 'come across and paint here ~ I own this place!'
Plein air painting in Barnegat Light, NJ

I hurried across the street. Flustered, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to paint at all. I set up my easel and made a mess trying to paint her lovely lily pond garden by the entrance to what I soon discovered was a delightful dress shop called, Wildflowers!

My sister-in-law Kathy returned from her bird walk and we had fun shopping! Inside we met the owner 'Cricket' who had come downstairs now and joined the other ladies in the shop.

They were all about making us feel at home, and quick to invite me to the house to paint in her private garden.
hosta symbol of devotion, Heavenly to be with you

The chakra colors of this hosta is a very vibrant green, merging with yellow. The greens are of course the 4th or heart chakra, our center of balance. Bleeding into the yellow part of the spectrum, we also touch the solar plexus center of power self.

In the shadows the green extends toward the blue side, into the 5th chakra which is all about voice and expressing self.

Gentle lavender pinks and whites of the blooms touch on the crown chakra. The seventh chakra which is often listed as purple and white, spirit and purity. You can see how closely this ties with the hosta's relationship to lilies which are the sacred flower of the Virgin Mary. Lily, especially white ones signify how heavenly it is to be with you!

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